plakat webSince 1991 German governments have unleashed war outside the country’s territory. Starting with the violent disintegration of Yugoslavia in 1999, German foreign policy escalated into various military actions: from the war in Afghanistan, which has lasted for 15 years now and which was declared officially as »national defence at Hindu Kush«, the support of the US invasion of Iraq, NATO´s war in Libya and Kiev´s campaign against the population of eastern Ukraine, all the way to the participation in the Syrian war carried out by the west. Recently a contingent of German troops has also been stationed at the Russian border in Lithuania.

At the same time the Federal Republic has proven to be a pioneer of wage dumping, both inside and outside the European Union. The »low-wage labour sector« is an export hit – as a term as well as a practice: a third of the population is segregated economically, socially and politically, their participation in the voting process unwanted. The result of the “class struggle from above” can easily be quantified: nowhere else in the industrial countries was it possible to reduce the share of wages in the national income as in Germany.

Aggressive expansion outwards and a policy of poverty inwards has changed the face of the Federal Republic and made it recognizable. It has become a role model for other countries for its »Power of competition«. A hegemony of reactionary ideology corresponds to a reactionary policy. The advance of nationalist movements results from the policies executed by the SPD (social democrats) and the Green Party, the CDU/CSU (conservatives) and FDP (liberals) over the past 20 years. Nowadays a left-wing or alternative veneer is not even necessary any longer in order to cover a right-wing practice. Results are the PEGIDA movement (»Patriotic Europeans against the Islamisation of the West«) and the party »Alternative for Germany« (AfD). Their rise is a signal of the willingness of the German bourgeoisie to freely accept neonazis as legitimate political actors.

The social and political events which are evident in the Federal Republic take place in other places in a similar way as well. Even if the form here seems to be particularly brutal or hypocritical, the substance is delivered by contemporary capitalism everywhere. The word is out in many places: Whoever wants to stop the reactionary rise, cannot hold back on the critique of capitalism. One must show the way to an alternative, to a socialist one.

Our guests

Guests of the International Rosa-Luxemburg Conference since 1996:

Jude Abbott ( singer of the band Chumbawamba, Great Britain), 2005
Mumia Abu-Jamal (political prisoner and journalist, USA), 1998-2017
Sundiata Acoli (former Black Panther Party, Black Liberation Army, USA), 2013
Arlín Alberty Loforte (Director of Granma Internacional, Cuba), 2017
Tariq Ali (author, film-maker, historian, scientist of politics, Pakistan), 2002
Alpidio Alonso Grau (writer, member of National Assembly, Cuba), 2016
Elmar Altvater (professor of economics,  Free University of Berlin), 1999
Silvia Ayala (leftist parlamentarien, Honduras), 2010
Dario Azzellini (publicist, documentary film-maker, scientist of politics), 2004

Aitak Barani (Zusammen e. V., Frankfurt/M.), 2017
Erika Baum (communist and anti-fascist), 2010
Rolf Becker (actor, IG Medien trade union Hamburg), 2000, 2012, 2015
Esther Bejarano (singer, survivor of nazi concentration camp Auschwitz), 2016
Dan Berger (author, activist, lecturer, USA), 2013
Piero Bernocci (international speaker COBAS trade union, Italy), 2003
Heinz Bierbaum (deputy chairman Left Party, professor of business administration), 2012
Achim Bigus (works committee of VW supplier Karmann), 2010
Joachim Bischoff (desk socialism), 1997
Lothar Bisky (chairman of european Left Party), 2009
Gerhard Branstner (author), 1997
Harpal Brar (publicist and politician, India), 2003
André Brie (member of party executive of the party of democratic socialism PDS), 1999
Lena Bröckl (ATTAC Germany), 2002
Ellen Brombacher (communist platform of PDS and Die Linke), 1999, 2016, 2017
Francisco Brown Infante (center of european studies, Cuba), 2001, 2007
Micha Brumlik (professor, councillor for the Alliance 90/ the Greens Party), 1997
Robert R. Bryan (lawyer and expert for human rights, USA), 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

Hernando Calvo Ospina (journalist, former political  prisoner, Colombia), 2013
Brian Campfield (secretary general North Ireland Public Service Alliance [NIPSA], Great Britain), 2011
Cesár Carillo (representative for Europe of the trade union for petroleum USO, Colombia ), 2004
Pedro Noel Carrillo Alfonso (domain international relations of the central committee of the Cuban comunist party), 2012
John Catalinotto (International Action Center, USA), 2001, 2002
Ramón Chao (author journalist, France), 2013
Roberto Chile (photographer, Cuba), 2016
Michel Chossudovsky (professor of economics, Canada), 2010, 2014
Roland Claus (chairman of PDS of Saxony-Anhalt), 1997
Faustino Cobarrubia Gómez (Cuban institute of global economy), 2002
Paul Cockshott (scientist of computer university Glasgow, Great Britain), 2006
Aydın Çubukçu (journalist, Turkey), 2016

Ahmath Dansokho (general secretary of the party of independency and work of Senegal), 2009
Dietmar Dath (author and journalist), 2012
Rodolfo Dávalos (law professor, university Havana, Cuba), 2003
Angela Davis (sociologist, civil rights activist, politician, USA), 2005
Peter Decker (desk Gegenstandpunkt), 1997
Diether Dehm (assistant chairman of PDS), 2000
Judith Dellheim (economist, member of the party executive of PDS), 1998
Selahattin Demirtaş (Co-Chairman of HDP, Turkey), 2017
Radhika Desai (economist, University of Manitoba, Canada), 2015
Gerd Deumlich (desk Marxistische Blätter), 1997
Heinz Dieterich Steffan (professor of sociology, university Mexico City), 1998, 2006
Jutta Ditfurth (publicist, book author and city councillor of the ecological Left ÖkoLinX-ARL ), 1997, 2001, 2012
Sharon Dolev (Founder and Director of the Regional Peace and Demilitarization Movement in Israel, RPM), 2015
Katrin Dornheim (chairman of works committee of DB Station & Service AG [Transnet]), 2011
Said Dudin (journalist and dip. Political scientist, Palestine), 2001

Thomas Ebermann (publicist and politician), 1999, 2000
Stefan Eggerdinger (author), 1997

Johanna Fernandez (historian and speaker of the defence team of Mumia Abu-Jamal, USA), 2012
Olga Fernández Rios (philosopher, University of  Havana, Cuba), 1998
Selim Firat (author, employee at the kurdish  institute of science and  research Berlin), 1998
Sara Flounders (International Action Center, USA), 2009
Ulrich Franz (chemistry circle Wuppertal), 2002
Dieter Frielinghaus (former moderator of the reformed community and member of  the church direction Berlin-Brandenburg), 2001, 2016
Uwe Fritsch (laid off works committee VW Wolfsburg), 2000
Juan Carlos Frómeta de la Rosa (central committee of the communist party Cuba), 2005
Georg Fülberth (retired professor of political science), 2012

Geraldo Gasparin (member of the federal department landless movement »Movimento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra« [MST] in Brasil, counselor member of the federal school »Escola Nacional Florestan Fernandes«), 2012
Wolfgang Gehrcke (deputy of the federal board of PDS), 1996
Christian Geissler (author), 2005
Sami Ben Ghazi (member of the directorate of the Union de la jeunesse communiste de Tunisie [union of the communist youth of Tunisia]), 2012
Klaus Gietinger (author and director), 1997, 2009
David Gilbert (former Weather Underground, USA), 2013
Denis Goldberg (civil-rights activist and comrade of Nelson Mandela, South Africa), 2014
Georgina Alfonso González (deputy chief of the Cuban Philosophy Institute), 2009
Leonel González (member of the national registry of the head office of the Cuban labour unions  [CTC]), 2000
William Grigsby Vado »El Chele« (director of the radio  La Primerisima, Nicaragua), 2008
Peter Grottian (professor of social sciences and political activist, Free University of Berlin), 2007

Nina Hager (German Communist Party DKP), 1996
Nina Hauer (Social Democratic Party of Germany SPD), 1996
Alain Hayot (professor fof sociology, university Marseille, member of the national committee of the French Communist Party PCF, France), 1999
Wladislaw Hedeler (historian), 2016, 2017
Gabriele Heinecke (lawyer), 2013
Volker Hermsdorf (journalist), 2015
Uwe Hiksch (federal director PDS), 2003
Hannes Hofbauer (author and publisher, Austria), 2004
Elvira Högemann (author), 1997
Hans Heinz Holz (philosopher, Switzerland), 2006, 2008
Gerardo Hernández (antiterrorist fighter, former political prisoner in USA, Cuba), 2016
Matthias von Herrmann (spokesman »Die Parkschützer«, »Stuttgart21«), 2011
Alfred Hrdlicka (sculptor and graphic artist, Austria), 2005

Carlos Insunza Rojas (coordinator of the public sector, Chilean labour union [CUT], member of the central committee of the chileancommunist party KP), 2013

Ulla Jelpke (member of the Bundestag, domestic political spokesman of the PDS Bundestag-fraction 2002; the Left party,2011)
Zivadin Jovanovic (former foreign minister of the federal republik Jugoslavia), 2014
Bettina Jürgensen (chairman of the DKP), 2011

Anders Kaergaard (Danish Whistleblower und dropout of the secret service), 2014
Christina Kaindl (alliance of action »Wir zahlen nicht für Eure Krise«), 2010
Boris Kagarlitzky (sociologist and und publicist, Russian federation), 2002
Ernest Kaltenegger (chairman of the fraction of the Communist Party of Austria KPÖ in the Styrian Landtag, Austria), 2007
Christos Katsotis (member of the  PAME and of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of Greece KKE), 2011
Dietrich Kittner (cabaret artist), 2008
Angela Klein (co-organizer of the euro march), 2006
Patrik Köbele (chairman of the German Communist Party, DKP), 2013, 2017
Otto Köhler (publisher), 2015
Klaus Kolloch (professor of economics, former  Humboldt-University Berlin), 1999
Lena Kreymann (German Socialist Worker's Youth – SDAJ), 2016
Alain Krivine (member of european parliament MEP/communist revolutionary organization LCR, France), 2002
Jörg Kronauer (social scientist and free journalist), 2014
Michael Kronawitter (practising docto rand Antifa-activist), 2009
Volker Külow (historian), 2016, 2017
Ertugrul Kürkcü (Member of parliament, HDP, Turkey), 2017
Robert Kurz (desk Krisis), 1997

Helmut Laakmann (speaker of the industrial action at Krupp-Stahlwerk Rheinhausen), 2008
Oskar Lafontaine (chairman of the fraction of the Left party of Bundestag), 2006, 2015
Annelies Laschitza (author and historian), 1998
Sabine Leidig (member of the German Bundestag MdB, the Left party), 2010
Marco León Calarcá (Comandante of the FARC-EP, Colombia), 2015, 2017
Pierre Lévy (editor of the magazine La lettre de Bastille - République - Nations, France), 2010
Renate Licht (regional and state chairman of Grman labour union DGB Thüringen), 2010
Constanze Lindemann (ver.di), 2003
Agostinho Lopes (member of CC and of the economic commission of the Portuguese Communist Party, member of the parlamentary fraction of the PCP), 2012
Oscar López Rivera (independencefighter for Puerto Rico, USA), 2013
Domenico Losurdo (philosopher, Italy), 2009
Stefanos Loukas (director and editor of Rizospastis, member of the politbureau ofthe communist party KKE, Greece), 2009
Gesine Lötzsch (deputy chairman of the fraction the Left party.PDS, MdB, 2007; chairman the Left party, 2011)

Aleksey Markov (Communist branch of Prizrak Brigade, Donetsk), 2016
Alberto Martínez (Internationale commission of the people's army FARC-EP, Colombia), 2000
Leo Mayer (1998; office of the party executive of  DKP, former federal asociation BRV Siemens, 2007)
Peter Mertens (Chairman, Workers Party of Belgium, PTB/PvdA), 2015
Maria Mies (emeritus professor of sociology), 1998
Hans Modrow (former Prime Minister of the GDR, Chair of the Council of Elders of the party DIE LINKE), 2015
Markus Mohr (unemployed, activist of the autonomous movement), 2008
Aurélio Monteiro dos Santos (member of the central committee of control of PCP, Portugal), 2006
Iván Morales (Movement To Socialism [MAS], Bolivia), 2005
Alberto Moreira (liberation theologian, university Goiania, Brasil), 2007
Luis Morlote (chairman of the Asociación Hermanos Saíz [organization of young Cuban authors and artists], deputy of the national assembly, Cuba), 2013
Elfriede Müller (desk  Bahamas), 1997

Vlado Nadazdin (Serbian Republic, former consul general of the Federal Republic Jugoslavia in Düsseldorf), 2004
Iba Ndiaye Diadji (general secretary of the confederation of the autonomous labour unions and of the labour unionfor teachers of Senegal, Dakar, Senegal), 2000

Ana Elisa Osorio Granado (environment minister of the cabinet  Chávez, Venezuela), 2004
Arnaldo Otegi (political independence fighter, Basque region), 2007, 2017

Norman Paech (expert in international law), 2011
Tubal Paez (chairman of the Cuban journalist organization), 2008
Aleka Papariga (general secretary of the CP of Greece [KKE]), 2008
Enriqueta Parreño (Communist Party of Cuba), 1999
Sémou Páthe Guèye (professor of philosophy at the universität of Dakar, Senegal), 2001
Petra Pau (chairman of PDS Berlin), 1997
Tobias Pflüger (scientist of politics, member of the board of the information office militarysation Tübingen), 2001
Dorothee Piermont (until 1994 MEP of the Greens ), 1998
Alberto Pinzón (Participated in the peace negotiations in 2001, Colombia), 2017

Guillermo Quintero (filmmaker, México), 2017

Bodo Ramelow (chairman of the fraction the Left of the Landtag Thüringen), 2013
Ignacio Ramonet (director of Le Monde Diplomatique en Español, president of the association  Mémoire des luttes, honorary president of Attac, France), 2008, 2013
Miloslav Ransdorf (deputy chairman of the KP Bohemia and Moravia (KSCM), Czech Republick), 2000
Heinz Ratz (Strom & Wasser), 2017
Thomas J. Richter (painter and graphic artist), 2000
Wolfgang Richter (association of biochemistry molecular biology GBM), 2005
Anne Rieger (industrial labour union IG Metall, Waiblingen), 2000
Bernd Riexinger (chairman of the Left), 2014, 2017
Ivan Rodionov (Chief editor RT Deutsch, Russia), 2015
Maria Rojas ( Chile), 2001
Karl Heinz Roth (historian, practicing doctor), 1998
Juan Ramon Ruiz (national revolutionary unit of  Guatemala [URNG]), 1999
Thomas Rudek (Wassertisch Berlin), 2011
Rainer Rupp (former staff of the im NATO-headquarter, Autor), 2001, 2014

Imad Samaha (l´Université Libanaise, member of the politbureau of KP Lebanon), 2009
Jorge Santana Peréz (philosopher, universität Havana, Cuba), 2004
Monty Schädel (political director German Society of Peace – united military service opponents  DFG-VK), 2014
Elmar Schmähling (admiral a.D., GBM), 2004
Ulrich Schneider (general secretary of the international federation of resistance fighter FIR), 2014
Eberhard Schultz (lawyer, considerable defender in Kurds cases), 1998
Andrea Schuhmann (anti-fascist Left Berlin [ALB]), 2007
Günter Schumann (sculptor), 2006
Mandakranta Sen (author, India), 2008
Irma Sehwerert Mileham (mother of von René González Sehwerert (Cuban Five), Kuba), 2011
Maria do Socorro Gomes Coelho (president council of global peace, Brasil), 2014
Eckart Spoo (publicist, desk Ossietzky), 2003
Heinz Stehr (chairman of DKP), 2002
Klaus Steiniger (chief editor Rotfuchs), 2007
Natascha Strobl (political scientist, Austria), 2016
Christian Ströbele (Alliance 90/The Greens party), 1996, 2001
Peter Strotmann (council of ATTAC), 2003
Eugenio Suárez Pérez (director of the magazine Cuba Socialista, Cuba), 2006

Gáspár Miklós Tamás (philosopher and politician, »Green Left«, Hungary), 2011

Enrique Ubieta (director of the newspaper La calle del medio, Cuba), 2010

David Velásquez (ambassador of Venezuela at Iran), 2011
Inge Viett (radical Left), 2011

Sahra Wagenknecht (1998; member of the federal directorate of PDS, 2004;  MP Europe / the Left, member of the party executive, 2008, president of The Left parliamentary group, 2016)
Peter Wahl (ATTAC-council of coordination), 2004
Linn Washington (journalist, USA), 2015
Freja Wedenborg (editor of the danish newspaper Arbejderen), 2014
Willy Wimmer (politician, former Vice President of the OSCE), 2015
Susann Witt-Stahl (publicist), 2013, 2016, 2017
Frieder Otto Wolf (MdEP Alliance 90/The Greens party ), 1999
Winfried Wolf (staff SoZ/MdB PDS), 1997, 2001
Mag Wompel (editor LabourNet Germany), 2005
Alan Woods (author and publicist, Great Britain), 2003
Jean Wyllys (Partido Socialismo e Liberdade, Brazil), 2017

Feng Yuan (journalist, China), 2007

Moshe Zuckermann (sociologist and historian, Israel), 2011
Marylin Zuniga (political activist, USA), 2017

(employees of junge Welt are not mentioned)


Gerardo Alfonso (songwriter, Cuba), 1999
Jennifer Antoni (actor), 2012
Atari Teenage Riot (digital hardcore), 1996

Banda Bassotti (combat rock ska, Italy), 2008
Bolshevist  Kurk-chapel black-red (2006)
Britta (Berliner rock band), 1999
Brüllen (rock and soul), 1998
Uschi Brüning (jazz and soul singer), 2000

Chumbawamba (alternative rock, Great Britain), 2005
Cool Breeze (rock, blues, soul, texmex), 2009

Franz Josef Degenhardt (songwriter and author), 1997
Kai Degenhardt (songwriter) 1998, 2012
Djs Melissa Logan & Kiki Moorse (minimal electro), 2001

Tino Eisbrenner (singer), 2016
(electronic world orchestra), 2009

Vicente Feliu (songwriter, Cuba), 2009
F.S.K. (avant-garde band), 2002

Hans-Beimler-Choir (2010)

Ursula Karusseit (actor and stage director), 2000
Dota Kehr (Die Kleingeldprinzessin) with Jan Rohrbach and Special Guests, 2015
Dietrich Kittner (satirist and cabaret artist, Austria), 2000

Pól Mac Adaim (songwriter, Great Britain), 2010
Microphone Mafia (German-Turkish-Italian rap), 2016
Nicolás Miquea (singer-songwriter, Chile), 2017
Pablo Miró (singer  and multi-instrumentalist, Argentina), 2012

Neues Glas aus alten Scherben (rock band), 2002
Danbert Nobacon (musician, Great Britain), 2008

Pankow (rock band), 1996
Parole Trixi (rock und punk), 2001
Gina Pietsch (singer and actor), 2008
Ernst-Ludwig Petrowsky & Enfant (crossover and jazz), 2000
Gian Paolo »Picchio« Picchiami (Singer of Banda Bassotti from Italy), 2015, 2017
The Pokes (folk punk), 2010, 2015
Prokopätz (jazz orchestra), 2005
Proyecto Son Batey (Cuba), 2016

Recorder (2001)
Knarf Rellöm (Elektro-Punk), 1998

Josh Sellhorn (2000)
Sha-Karl & Smoke (rap), 2002
?Shmaltz! (klezmer-balkan-beats), 2013

Tarwater (electronic duo), 1999
Trio Palmera (salsa, rumba, Cha-Cha-Cha), 2012
Tulip (2001)

Lucía Vargas (Rapper, Colombia), 2011

Mathias Wedel (journalist and writer), 2000
Michael Weston King (singer-songwriter, Great Britain), 2011

Xikinkei (punk rock, Basque country), 2008

Grup Yorum (Turkey), 2014, 2016

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