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Amandla! Awethu! Questioning the Power

XXIII International Rosa Luxemburg Conference
13th of January 2018

Mercure Hotel MOA, Stephanstr. 41, 10559 Berlin, Germany

23rd International Rosa Luxemburg Conference


In his book »Critique of Black Reason« (Duke University Press Books) the Cameroonian philosopher Achille Mbembe sums up the global social development as follows: »Africa does not match with the world, the world gets Africanised.« The »Niggers« of EU-Europe today are the Greeks, so he exemplifies his thesis in an interview. The Greek country and its pauperisation as well as mass unemployment caused by the dictate of multi-national groups, Brussels and Berlin, the cuts in salaries and pensions on the one hand, the maintenance of tax exemptions for the idle rich on the other – that is what he judges to be exemplary for a general trend. Nowadays billions of people are not only compelled to sell their labour power, but also to make it available at all times. The number of those subjected to economic arbitrariness without protection is constantly growing. According to Mbembe their status in fact is that of slaves. This was supposed to be the African role in recent European and North American history, in capitalism up to now. Things are changing in times of neo-colonial wars, social dumping and a roll back of democratic achievements since the end of the Soviet Union: The working people worldwide are »Africanised« in a sense.

Africa gains a central position in world affairs – in many aspects. The economic battle for the resources of the continent is in full swing. 130 thousand millions US-$ of so-called development aid reaches poor countries per year; but one billion US-$ run off illegally – especially off Africa.

It is time to develop an African, Latino-American or Asian theory of upcoming revolutions. There is increased evidence that things start moving among the inhabitants of these continents, among their politicians and scientists. For these reasons Africa is the thematic priority of the XXIIIrd International Rosa Luxemburg Conference.

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Plakat zur Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz 2018

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