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Amandla! Awethu! Questioning the Power

XXIII International Rosa Luxemburg Conference
13th of January 2018

Mercure Hotel MOA, Stephanstr. 41, 10559 Berlin, Germany

Amandla! Awethu!
Questioning the Power

Saturday, 13th January 2018, Mercure-Hotel MOA, Stephanstr. 41, 10559 Berlin, Germany

Conference languages are: German, English, Spanish and Turkish (simultaneous interpretations)

A free childcare is provided by the socialist children organisation »Rote Peperoni« during the whole conference day.


Admission at 9.30 am

10.20 a.m.: Musical Conference opening performed by Ingoma Trommelgruppe Berlin (drums)
10.30 a.m.: Opening of the »Tendenzen« group art exhibition


Gina Pietsch 134x153


Opening of the conference by the presenters Gina Pietsch and Dr. Seltsam

Dr Seltsam 134x153


Nnimmo Bassey 134x153


Nnimmo Bassey, Nigeria

Poet, environmentalist and laureate of the Right Livelihood Award

Foodstuff, natural resources and cheap labour– how exploitation and environmental pollution pay off for international capital

Joerg Kronauer 134x153

12.10 Uhr

Jörg Kronauer, Germany

Journalist and social scientist

German imperialism from 1871 up to 2017, old and new contradictions between imperial main powers. And why fighting against the causes of flight means: To fight imperialism



Concert to commemorate the Uruguayan singer-songwriter Daniel Viglietti

Rolf Becker 134x153Tobias Thiele 134x153Nicolas Miquea 134x153

Clotile Ohouochi 134x153


Clotilde Ohouochi, Côte d'Ivoire

Former social affairs minister

The imperialist interference in Africa based on the example of Côte d'Ivoire, particularly on French imperialism



Presentation of new edition of Lenin's book »State and Revolution«

Volker Kuelow 134x153Wladislaw Hedeler 134x153

Enrique Ubieta 134x153

14.00 Uhr

Enrique Ubieta, Cuba

Journalist and philosopher

Cuban missions in Africa – now and then. Changed framework conditions for a development independent of imperialist politics


14.40 Uhr

Manifestation »Solidarity with Venezuela!«

William Castillo 134x153 Carolus Wimmer 134x153 Luis Britto Garcia 134x153

Vice Minister for International Affairs of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

International Secretary of the Communist Party of Venezuela

Marxist intellectual



Presentation of stage play »Rosa – In spite of all that«

Anja Panse 134x153

Mumia Abu Jamal 134x153


Mumia Abu-Jamal, USA

Political prisoner, journalist and civil rights activist

Black resistance in the new century

Xiaoqin Ding 134x153


Ding Xiaoqin, People's Republic of China

Professor at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics

The different ways of commitment in Africa – People's Republic of China vs. imperial main powers

Ibrahim Mahama 134x153


Ibrahim Mahama, Ghana

Susann Witt-Stahl in an interview mit the artist and documenta 14 participant

Achille Mbembe 134x153


Achille Mbembe, Cameroon

Political theorist and philosopher

The situation in Africa and worldwide: Are humans actually equal? The Africanisation of the world

Adel Amer 134x153


Adel Amer, Israel

Interview with the General Secretary of the Communist Party of Israel

Faten El Dabass 134x153


Faten El-Dabbas

Presentation of the German-Palestinian Spoken Word artist and author


Panel discussion

The haves – the have-nots.
North – south.
Who, whom?

Social issues and the misery of refugees: Does the Left withdraw from international solidarity?

The neo-colonial wars of the Western bloc threaten all those, who rebel against the prevailing world order. Military campaigns left millions of dead behind since 1990 and made tens of millions of people to refugees. The intensified immigration to Western Europe and North America in the past years are an immediate consequence of imperialistic state terror. The immigrants join communities, where fierce competition among workers and the breakdown of solidarity have become the strongest weapons within the class struggle from top. They enter countries with ruling systems, where a militarised foreign policy and authoritarian forms of government are two sides of the same coin. Demands of racist and neo-fascist organisations taking up the inscreasing discontent among the weaker members of society in a demagogic way grow in popularity - similar to the first half of the 20th century. Donald Trump won the presidential elections with a potpourri of chauvinist and neo-fascist slogans. In the Federal Republic of Germany a political reserve for the dominant class establishes: the AFD party, the so-called alternative for Germany (AfD), which is open to fascism. During the Bundestag campaign mainstream media flattered this party and their extremely right wing topics.
What about the Left? Internationalist and solidary positions are at stake. Often enough it is not the pressing social question that determines their debates. Will the fight against the Western wars, main reasons for refugee movements, turn to a minor matter? These questions among others will be the issues of the panel discussion at the XXIIIrd International Rosa Luxemburg Conference.

The following persons will take part in the panel discussion:

Canan Bayram 134x153 Lorenz Goesta Beutin 134x153 Guenter Pohl 134x153 Selma Schacht 134x153

Member of the Bundestag for The Green Party

Member of the Bundestag for the Left Party

Secretary for international relations to German Communist Party (DKP)

Councillor of the official representation of employees in Vienna for KOMintern

Parallel programme:

Youth forum in room MOA 5 from 2 p.m.:Learning how to fight

Panel discussion between the (migrant) youth of the Democratic Workers' Association (DIDF-Jugend), trade union activists and members of German Socialist Workers Youth (SDAJ)

Elections do not change anything, do they? Four months after the parliamentary elections of the German Bundestag we want to discuss on how the new German government worsens the living conditions of the youth. And what can we do against the permanent attacks on democratic rights, working, living and learning conditions? What about staff shortage in health care, or the shortage of teachers at our schools? And in principle how to organise the political struggle against and primarily against the ruling class – no matter of what party colours the government consists.



»Tendenzen« art group Berlin:

Africa at the crossroads – Development or migration

For the fifth consecutive time »Tendenzen« art group and junge Welt have organised an art exhibition. This time with works on Africa’s societal developments in the past and presence as well as prospects for a self-determined future of all inhabitants of their Continent.




After singing »The International« follows music with Cuban band Proyecto Son Batey in the »Lounge« with fresh Mojitos, made by the Cuba Sí comrades


General notes:

All persons are strictly prohibited to carry the following objects into the venue: Bottles of all kind, pepper spray, all types of weapons and other potentially dangerous objects (e.g. projectiles etc.) as well as drugs following BTMG (German Narcotics Act) There will be security checks at the entrance. No storage available.


Subject to modifications.

Poster 2018

Plakat zur Rosa-Luxemburg-Konferenz 2018

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